Grangestock Open Mic!

4th Monday of every month! That means this Monday, April 22nd!

Doors open at 6pm, Music & entertainment at 7pm. Hosted by the multi-talented V (ask how the paper felt when the scissors broke), enjoy the eclectic performers of the valley & environs on an amazing stage in a historic and recently remodeled venue.

Free parking in our state-of-the-art gravel parking lot, free admission (donations gratefully accepted, plus we are happy to deliver canned goods to the local food bank), all ages welcome!

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What We’re About

The Sallal Grange is a generalist community organization celebrating rural community, friendship, food, music, crafts, and more!

We are poised in a beautiful location with a great group of individuals to work within our community in nearly any way imaginable. Where there is a will, we can usually find a way!

What Can I Do?

  • Join in on, or volunteer at, our existing exciting activities.
  • Do you have an idea for a community service but need help and a venue?
  • Have a great event idea that needs volunteers and a space?
  • Want to support local arts, theater, music, and community projects?
  • Support and coordinate fundraisers for local organizations and causes.

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