The Sallal Grange is a generalist community organization celebrating rural community, friendship, food, theater, music, crafts, and more. We are poised in a beautiful location with a great group of individuals to work within our community in nearly any way imaginable. Where there is a will, we can usually find a way!

If you’re interested in joining the grange, or are a renewing member, please use the options below. The membership brochure in the “Join by Mail” section has more information about the history of our grange if you want to learn more.

Join or Renew Online

Individual membership – $44

Individual memberships are the most common membership type and are ideal for each person who would like to be a grange member.

Family Membership – $88

Family memberships are best for couples with children to allow the whole family access to grange membership without needing to have individual memberships for each child.

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Join By Mail

To join the grange by mail or in person, please complete the Application and bring it to a meeting or mail it to our PO Box at
PO Box 1688
North Bend, WA 98045