Jan 17

Project Linus Event – Monday, January 26th 7-9pm

The Sallal Grange will be pleased to host a  Project Linus Event on Monday, January 26th from 7 – 9 pm.
We need volunteers to help make no-sew blankets. That means taking fleece and cutting it to the preferred size and then cutting fringe around it.
We have some material but we are always in need of more.
We only have one scissor, and a few rotary cutters and mats, so if you have a cutter or mat or scissors or all 3,  please bring them.
Last November, the Sno-Valley Moms Meetup Group donated a very generous amount of gorgeous fleece, and then made 44 large blankets. That will fulfill the need for blankets for Middle and High Schoolers for a while. Now the need is for small to medium sized children. That means blankets that could be as small as 36″ × 36”, and larger. The majority of Project Linus blankets are about 40″ × 60″, or what is called “crib size.”
Project Linus is a national charity that collects blankets hand-made with love and distributes them to places where they will be given to children in traumatic situations, such as hospitals.
The Sallal Grange is a local non-profit community service organization, part of the state and national Grange system, proud to help both local and national charities like the Sno-Valley Moms Meetup Group and Project Linus. Rechartered in December of 2009 our many activities have included a monthly Open Mic affectionately nicknamed ‘Grangestock’, a weekly Dairy Drive for cheese for the local food bank, monthly Community Game Nights and Contra Dances, and much more.
Mar 05

Register for the Dairy Drive

The Grange is collecting Dairy (but not milk or eggs) for the local food bank. The food bank appreciates it, and the people we ask to donate appreciate the opportunity to give to the food bank. If you (or someone you know) can spare an hour or two to hang out at QFC, please email leah (at) aichele (dot) org. We need people every month. This is a great chance to let people know that our Grange is active in the community, as well as being a pillar of the arts in the Valley.