Oct 09

Sallal Grange to Build Tiny House for Homeless

The Sallal Grange will build a tiny house for Nickelsville Village. The building event will be held on October 24th, 2015, from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Sallal Grange, 12912 432nd Ave SE in North Bend. Students of the Mount Si High School Construction Program plan to help with this project. The public is welcome to come and watch or participate as the tiny house takes shape, learn more about the project, and find out how to get involved. The house will be located at the Sallal Grange site and available for viewing until it is moved to Seattle in December.

The Sallal Grange is working alongside other volunteer organizations to build one of fifteen homes for the innovative Nickelsville Tiny House Village of Seattle. This new community serving homeless individuals will be located on a residential lot owned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, located at 22nd and Union in the Central District. The village, created in partnership with the Low Income Housing Institute, Nickelsville, and the Church, will be the first of its kind in Seattle.

Each tiny house for the village costs about $2,300 including insulation and is a simple structure that includes one window and one door. Electricity is limited to a ventilation fan and one LED light per unit. Nickelsville will manage the village, which will include a bathroom pavilion with toilets and sinks. The residents will provide twenty four hour security and democratic management. Residents will be selected by length of time they have been in other Nickelsville tent projects.

Most organizations volunteering to build these 8′ x 12′ houses are construction training programs managed through community colleges. Other construction-related participants are the Tulalip Tribe TERO Pre-Apprenticeship Program and Sawhorse Revolution, a non-profit that trains high school students in the basics of construction.

Questions may be directed to tinyhouse@sallalgrange.org.

The Sallal Grange be accepting donations for the homeless during this event.
Click here for a list of acceptable items. or donate below:

Donations are for the benefit of the Nickelsville Tiny Houses project.

Mar 05

Register for the Dairy Drive

The Grange is collecting Dairy (but not milk or eggs) for the local food bank. The food bank appreciates it, and the people we ask to donate appreciate the opportunity to give to the food bank. If you (or someone you know) can spare an hour or two to hang out at QFC, please email leah (at) aichele (dot) org. We need people every month. This is a great chance to let people know that our Grange is active in the community, as well as being a pillar of the arts in the Valley.