Oct 16

Project Linus Blankets for September a success!

14-9-22 Project Linus Build A Blanket Event Made 51 BlanketsWow! The volunteers at the Sallal Grange made 51 blankets for Project Linus in September! Congratulations!

These blankets are now off to first responders and hospitals to comfort children in traumatic situations. From everyone from premature babies to teens that have been displaced from their homes by fire, these blankets, made with love by the volunteers that come to the grange’s bi-monthly blanket bees, will comfort and secure them. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that show up every other month to provide the skill and heart to make these much needed blankets.

Mar 05

Register for the Dairy Drive

The Grange is collecting Dairy (but not milk or eggs) for the local food bank. The food bank appreciates it, and the people we ask to donate appreciate the opportunity to give to the food bank. If you (or someone you know) can spare an hour or two to hang out at QFC, please email leah (at) aichele (dot) org. We need people every month. This is a great chance to let people know that our Grange is active in the community, as well as being a pillar of the arts in the Valley.