Dec 20

Project Linus – Monday January 23rd 7pm

P r o j e c t   L i n u s

No-Sew-Build-A-Blanket Event

On Mon, January 23rd, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, the Sallal Grange will hold it’s next bi-monthly Project Linus Event at 12912 432nd Ave SE, North Bend. (The Sallal Grange & Community Hall)

Project Linus is a national charity that collects blankets, hand made with love, and delivers them to youngsters in traumatic situations, such as hospitals, to provide a sense of security, warmth & comfort. Many groups make very small blankets for newborns for Project Linus, but that requires sewing machines. We make larger blankets for bigger youngsters who really love having their very own blanket to hold on to on their bed in the hospital, that they then can take home . We have been told that even teenagers become very attached to their own Linus blanket.

We need volunteers to help make these no-sew blankets. That means taking fleece and cutting it to the preferred size and then cutting fringe around it.
The recommended sizes for Project Linus blankets are:
58” X 40” child (2-6 yrs)
58” X 70” youth (7-12 yrs)
58” X 96” teen (13 +)
We have some fleece but we always appreciate more.
We only have five pairs of scissors, and a couple rotary cutters and mats, so if you have a cutter or mat or scissors or all 3, please bring them.
7 PM     4th Monday of January, March, May, July, & September
Sallal Grange at 12912 432nd Ave SE, North Bend, WA        425 888 0825
Mar 05

Register for the Dairy Drive

The Grange is collecting Dairy (but not milk or eggs) for the local food bank. The food bank appreciates it, and the people we ask to donate appreciate the opportunity to give to the food bank. If you (or someone you know) can spare an hour or two to hang out at QFC, please email leah (at) aichele (dot) org. We need people every month. This is a great chance to let people know that our Grange is active in the community, as well as being a pillar of the arts in the Valley.