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Host your special event at the Sallal Grange

The Sallal Grange is an excellent choice for a wedding, or a wedding reception! With a large auditorium, commanding stage, seperate dining/welcoming room, commercial rated kitchen, and more – it’s a way to make your special day even more special.

Near to hiking, biking, and kayaking, the expansive backyard welcomes nature lovers. Lots of parking is available. And, there’s a separate space the bride can prepare in, away from prying eyes.

Not only is the Sallal Grange a great musical venue, it’s a wonderful space that will evoke memories to last a lifetime. For more information call (425) 831-1900 and ask about the Sallal Grange!

The Grange is for rent!

Have your reception, celebration, birthday party or reunion in the historic Sallal Grange hall! Close to nearby trails and rivers, large parking, wooded back yard perfect for parties. Reasonable rates.

Having a business meeting, and want to use a neutral location? We’ve got the space that’s perfect for it.

Are you a caterer, or just in need of a commercial kitchen for your large party or food truck? We’ve got that too! Triple-sink, two stoves and ovens, dishwasher, refrigerator – we’ve got it all.


Come on over and check us out, or look at the ‘Rental’ tab, or call (425) 831-1900 for more information.