The activities we participate in and the work we do is largely driven by our various committees. This list represents our current committees and their details. Our various committees are not rigid and will change as we decide to take on new activities. Want to join the committee discussion, sign up for the committee(s) you want to get messages for by emailing

The head of each committee is listed in bold.


  • Nels Melgaard, Jeff Warner, Kim Ewing

Building Maintenance

  • Brandon Comouche, Bryce Saffell

Building Rental

  • Leah Aichele, Tim Noonan, Pam Williamson, Jeffrey Warner, Mary Sackman, Larry Houch

Contra Dance

  • Tim Noonan, Jeffrey Warner

Executive Committee*

  • Overseer (Monte Lynch), Master (Bryce Saffell), Secretary (Tim Noonan), Ex Committee 1 (Pam Williamson), Ex Committee 2 (Brandon Comouche), Ex Committee 3 (Larry Houch)

Family Living

  • Director Family Living (Leah Aichele), Linda Hamm Grez


  • Treasurer (Richard Kaplan), Bryce Saffell, Shelia Cameron

Game Night

  • Brandon Comouche, Bryce Saffell

Landscape & Grounds

  • Jeff Warner, Nels Melgaard


  • , Pam Williamson, Bryce Saffell, Nels Melgaard, Sheila Cameron, Leah Aichele


  • Brandon Comouche, Jeff Warner, Bryce Saffell


  • , Mary Sackman, Shelia Cameron,┬áRental Coordinator (Bryce Saffell)


  • Mary Sackman, Kyle Twede, Bryce Saffell


  • Brandon Comouche, Bryce Saffell, Larry Houch